I teach the intensive 6-week summer class, Epidemiologic Methods I (PH 250A) at Berkeley each year. This is an introductory graduate course with an emphasis on providing a solid understanding of epidemiologic concepts. Through the combination of lectures, readings, critical review of papers, and problem sets, students will acquire the core competencies in epidemiology expected of all M.P.H. graduates.

I am Associate Director of the Global Health and Environment (GHE) program, an interdisciplinary, M.S. program for students intending careers directed toward improving the lives of people in developing countries through understanding the environmental risk factors that affect their health and how to reduce the impacts of these factors.
Global Health & Environment Website: http://ehs.sph.berkeley.edu/ghe

I am Co-Director of the STEER program a summer research internship program for undergraduate students considering a career in environmental health research. The STEER program is funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
STEER Website: http://steer.berkeley.edu